For partners

Allianssi Youth Exchanges is a well-known and reliable organization offering a secure opportunity to temporarily live and work in another culture. We work in close co-operation with our foreign partners in order to secure a successful stay for our participants. The purpose of our work is to promote intercultural learning and global understanding.

Allianssi Youth Exchanges works as a not-for-profit agency charging the applicants a small fee for the services and materials. We try to keep our fees low in order to provide an intercultural learning opportunity to as many young people as possible.

All the applicants receive various preparatory materials including country specific information and a program handbook. Training events are arranged several times a year. Our programs and preparatory materials are constantly developed based on the participants` evaluations (assessments).

Majority of our program participants are between the ages of 18 and 30. There are also some programs for younger people, over 16 years and many of our programs are suitable for the adult population. However, most participants are gap year students, university and polytechnic students or recent graduates who wish to improve their language skills and gain intercultural learning and work experiences from abroad. 

We are constantly developing our program variety and looking for new programs/partners in order to offer an even wider variety of opportunities for young Finns.