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The European Solidarity Corps volunteering teams give young people a chance to taste volunteering and perform tasks that can have a real impact. If you are ready to get your hands dirty while getting to know other young Europeans,  the volunteering teams are for you! 

These solidarity activities are open to all 18-30 years old European Union citizens or residents, who are motivated to do voluntary work, learn new things and share your everyday life with youth from different countries. We especially welcome young people who really need the EU financial support in order to join international volunteering. The teams are open for all young Europeans, but we encourage application from  young people who do not have much international experience or have less opportunities to get such experience due to health problems, geographical obstacles, cultural differences, social challenges or economic difficulties. 

Participants are covered by insurance (when volunteering abroad) and their travel costs will be reimbursed (based on distance calculator) after the project, and they will get board and lodging while on the project. Participants will also receive a small allowance for their personal expenses. The teams are also open for Finnish youth to apply. 

If you have any questions please contact us by email at volunteer(at) and we will get back to you.

You will find the application form here. and in the bottom of this webpage.  Please email the filled application to volunteer(at) as soon as possible.

​Please note that you need to register in the European Youth Portal and write your PRN number in your application form.  The link to the portal is



ALLI23ESC             SOLIDARITY FOR ENVIRONMENT Matsalu Estonia      16.-31.8.20   12 vols

The project is co-organised by Allianssi Youth Exchanges and Estyes Estonia. The volunteer team will take place in Kodade cottage and Matsalu Creative Space which are are social enterprise initiatives which aim to sustain cultural heritage and to provide a rich variety of nature travel services and activities in the setting of unique wild nature. Another aim is to provide work opportunities for people living in rural area. A unique environment for creative workshops, study camps, environment protection activities and various types of events have been created there.

Project values sustainable living and aligns its activities with Matsalu National Park value system. Matsalu National Park has been founded to protect migratory birds and it is one of the most important protection areas of nesting and stop- over of coastal birds in Europe. In addition to bird protection Matsalu protects specific semi-natural habitats, coast meadows and broods; woody meadows; reed bed and small islands) as well as the cultural heritage of the Väinameri sea More information in Matsalu National Park is here

There will be a wide range of activities to volunteers – mostly in the field of environmental protection/ nature conservation, managing coastal meadows and some nature areas in cooperation with Estonian Nature Fund, but also maintenance and development of the visitor site and the territory but also related to in the surrounding area. The range of activities that the volunteers can undertake: tidying up the area surrounding the camping houses, cutting down the bushes, works with soil and creating flowerbeds around the Matsalu Creative Space; creating resting places and playground areas for kids, repainting camping houses, etc. It is also possible to build traditional stonewalls, cut down junipers, pick herbs, create nest boxes for birds or create local nature products. The working time each day could be approximately 6-7 full hours which can vary depending on weather conditions and planned leisure activities. Most of these activities will take place outdoors, but we will take weather conditions into account. The work will be supervised by the local hosts with the help of the camp leaders.

Accomodation and food

The accommodation is at Kodade holiday cottage ( or at small camping houses ( Bed linen and towels are provided. There is a kitchen with all necessary equipment for cooking and there is sauna to use. Food will be obtained from local farms nearby. Volunteers will be served food cooked by local host some days, otherwise it has to be cooked by the volunteers in teams.
Location & leisure

Kodade Creative Space is located in Salevere Kula, Hanila parish, Pärnumaa county. Salevere is situated in the western part of Estonia, approximately 140km from Tallinn. More info on the websites; There are a lot of interesting natural picturesque sights on the area as well as possibilities for swimming in the sea or hiking in the forest. It is possible to visit other parts of Läänemaa or Pärnumaa, Haapsalu or Pärnu; which is planned by the host. Matsalu itself offers a lot of various cultural events in summer. Furthermore, there is a possibility to go on extra tours – such as nature walk, bicycle tour or boat tour on Kasari River. Nearby there are two stables who provide horseback riding ( and In addition we can organise workshops and trainings with people from various fields of life. This project is perfect for people who enjoy being close to the nature and are interested in traditional way of rural living, who are curious and willing to use their creativity in the process of creating new environments of living.

This project is supported by the EU European Solidarity Corps programme and is open for 18-30 year old EU citizens or residents who are allowed to travel to Estonia based on current travel restrictions. See more Participation is free of charge, as well as board and lodging. Volunteers need to stay the full duration of the camp in order to get their pocket money and travel cost reimbursed. The volunteers have to be open-minded, creative and ready to adapt to a simple conditions of the common life in the countryside. of Estonia. Please consider that the work is mainly physical, can be hard or sometimes repetitive.