European Solidarity Corps in Finland - Long term projects



Allianssi Youth Exchanges works as supporting / coordinating organisation for incoming and outgoing volunteers.

We work with Finnish partner organisations and together are able to provide a meaningful and well supported volunteering experience for the international volunteers staying in different parts of Finland. We recruit volunteers for several partner organisations. These projects usually host volunteers for 6-7 months, but shorter/longer stays are also possible in some projects.

Due to travel restrictions (Covid-19) these projects are now open for EU citizens/residents from certain EU countries only. 

The projects are in different parts of Finland in smaller communities. All the projects have lots of interaction with local and immigrant youth as well as a wide variety of tasks. The working language is English, so the volunteer have to manage to run activities in English.

The volunteers should send their carefully filled application forms (can be found in bottom of the webpage) together with CVs (+ optional motivation letter) to Allianssi Youth Exchanges email . If you have any questions please contact us by email.

The applicants should mark clearly which project they apply to and write their Skype address for interview purposes.

The volunteer will be supported by a sending organisation in the home country. If you do not have a sending organisation please check the list of Alliance member organisations or leave that question empty in the application form and we will suggest you an organisation in your country. 

volunteering in Finland


Project 1: IKKO Folk High School in Punkaharju

Description of the project: Please see here

Period of volunteering: Start date January-February 2021  (to be confirmed)

Length of stay: Flexible between 5 - 9 months in 2021 

Number of volunteers : 1-2  


If you are interested please email the application form from the bottom of this page to   


Project 2: Basketball Coaching and Media Assistance

Description of the project: Please see here. 

Period of volunteering: January-February - July 2021 (to be confirmed)

Number of volunteers: 2

Video from former volunteer:


Application forms + CVs ( motivation letter optional) by email to 


Project 3: Peräpohjolan Opisto in Lapland

Description of the Project: Please see here

Period of volunteering: January 2021 - June 2021 (or longer)

Number of volunteers: 1-2.


Application forms + CVs (motivation letter optional) by email to


Project 4: Kanneljarvi Folk High School

Description of the project: Please see here. 

Period of volunteering: February 2021 - July 2021

Number of volunteers: 2


Application forms + CVs (motivation letter optional) by email to


Project 5: Cultural Collective Kukoistus at Korkeaoja village

Description of the project: Please see here

Period of volunteering: You can apply for a period from 3 to 12 months, though we prioritize more long term applicants.

Number of volunteers: 1-3


Application forms (from the bottom of the page)  + CVs ( motivation letter optional) by email to  


Project 6: Loimaa Evangelical Folk High School in Hirvikoski

Description of the project: Please see here.

Period of volunteering: The project starts in January 2021 (to be confirmed). 

Length of stay: Approximately 5 months or longer

Number of volunteers:


Application form + CV ( motivation letter optional) by email to


Project 7: Allianssi Youth Exchanges office volunteer

Description of the project: 

ESC volunteer placement in Allianssi office in Helsinki

Allianssi Youth Exchanges works for intercultural learning and global understanding through international mobility programs. We coordinate a variety of volunteering and work experience programs both in Finland and abroad. 

Our long term project will take place in Allianssi office in Helsinki. The volunteer tasks will include a variety of tasks taking into consideration the skills and interests of the volunteers as well as the current activities of the organization. Most of the tasks would be related to our international and intercultural activities and exchanges. The volunteer will have an assisting role in our work with with our international partners and young people related to international activities, volunteer or work experience programs, youth exchanges or international trainings. 

The volunteer will be a living example of European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ -programs and share her/his experience in Finland through social media channels in order to encourage other young people to volunteer and also encourage other Finnish organisations to host ESC volunteers.

Allianssi office is located in Helsinki. There are about 25 people working in the Allianssi office whereas the total number of employees in Allianssi House is about 70.  The volunteer will participate in communication with local partners like municipal youth offices and organisations and also make school visits, attend fairs and other promotional activities. There are also seasonal tasks such as joining international voluntary work camps as assistant leader and/or intercultural messenger. Generally the promotion of ESC programs, European values, volunteering locally and internationally and the importance of voluntary work in intercultural and non-formal learning are the main elements of this project. The skills and interest in social media are an asset in this project as well as self-initiative and positive attitude towards life.

Period of volunteering: The project starts in January-March 2021 (to be confirmed). 

Length of stay: Preferably 12 months

Number of volunteers:


Application form + CV ( motivation letter optional) by email to


Project 8: Blue Ribbon Foundation

Sininauhasäätiö defends the rights of the people in the weakest position, for example homeless people, and people with drug or mental health issues. The goal of Sininauhasäätiö is to lower the amount of homelessness, strengthen the drug and mental health services, and assist our clients towards being a part of the society. Our Christian values can be seen in our way of encountering our clients: we believe in human dignity and meeting people with respect. Sininauhasäätiö is working with housing first -principle: everyone has a right to one’s own home, with his own door with his own name.. For 60 years Sininauhasäätiö has given thousands of homeless people a home, regardless of drug, economic, or mental health problems or criminal history.

Sininauhasäätiö offers various kinds of volunteer work amidst the homeless, immigrants, or the otherwise disadvantaged ones. We offer introduction to your work, education, regular volunteer meetings, necessary support during your work, and also recreational activities. At the end you will receive a volunteering certificate and vast amounts of new experience.

As a volunteer in this project you help in daycenters by meeting homeless people, play games with them, listen and give time and care and help in the kitchen.​ You can volunteer as a support person for our customers​, help in sorting donated clothes​, help in events and fundraising campaigns ​,translate in the tasks with the new immigrants, help in cooking groups​, write stories or blogs, send pictures in our social media and many other things. We want that our volunteers do things which gives them great feeling. That’s why we want to find the most suitable tasks for you. We are always also open for your ideas.

Period of volunteering: The project starts in the beginning of January 2021. 

Length of stay: 10 months

Number of volunteers: 1-2

CALL OPEN, PLEASE APPLY BY the the 1st of  December 2020

Application form + CV (motivation letter optional) by email to