Allianssi Youth Exchanges

We here at Allianssi Youth Exchanges work for global understanding and youth empowerment.

We are an established organisation working with a wide variety of international mobility programs. We believe cross border mobility and intercultural exchanges enhance the work and life skills of young adults remarkably. We work in close co-operation with our international partners in order to offer interesting programs for learning, volunteering, training or working in different countries. The purpose of our work is to promote intercultural learning, global awareness and enhance the employability of young people.

We work in many national and international networks. We are the Finnish member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and work in close co-operation with members and partners of the network especially in the field of global short and medium term voluntary exchanges. In long term volunteer exchanges we have a wider range or partners, especially in EU-funded programs such as European Solidarity Corps. We have both incoming and outgoing voluntary programs. In addition to about 25 annual  short term volunteer projects in Finland we co-ordinate long term European Solidarity Corps volunteers to our partner organisations around Finland.  Allianssi Youth Exchanges is also a partner in the Eures network in Finland.

We also have own outgoing EU funded projects for vocational education. In these programs we work with recent graduates who would like to get tailored work experience after graduation. At the moment we co-operate with about 10 European countries in these outbound programs.

Most of our participants are 18-30 years old, but there are also possibilities for 16-17 years old and in many programs we have older participants as well. Due to wide variety of programs we can offer interesting alternatives to people with different backgrounds. 

In addition to working, learning, training and volunteering programs we are active in different international projects. We have participated in various strategic partnership projects both in European and global level. We also take part in youth worker mobility projects, youth exchanges, trainings and other projects which we find worthwhile for our work and priorities.

We are a non-profit and non-governmental body. Our office is in Helsinki in Allianssi-talo and we are affiliated with the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi which has over 130 national member organisations.

Please contact us in case you would be interested in working with us.