Project 7 : Allianssi Youth Exchanges office

Allianssi Youth Exchanges

Allianssi Youth Exchanges works for intercultural learning and global understanding through international mobility programs. We coordinate a variety of volunteering and work experience programs both in Finland and abroad.

Allianssi office is located in Helsinki. There are about 25 people working in the Allianssi office whereas the total number of employees in Allianssi House is about 70. Most employees will work from home at least until February 2021 due to Covid-19.

Your work as a volunteer

Our long term project will take place in Allianssi office in Helsinki. The volunteer will work with a variety of tasks taking into consideration the skills and interests of the volunteers as well as the current activities of the organization. Most of the tasks would be related to our international and intercultural activities and exchanges. The volunteer will have an assisting role in our work with our international partners and young people related to volunteer or work experience programs, youth exchanges or international trainings. 

The volunteer will be a living example of European Solidarity Corps -program and is expected to actively share her/his experience in Finland through social media channels in order to encourage other young people to volunteer and also encourage other Finnish organisations to host ESC volunteers. Generally the promotion of ESC program, European values, volunteering locally and internationally and the importance of voluntary work in intercultural and non-formal learning are the main elements of this project. The volunteer will also collect information and produce content on our current topics such as youth empowerment, inclusion and intercultural mentoring. 

The volunteer will cooperate with local partners and also make school visits, attend fairs, trainings and other activities. There might be possibilities to join international voluntary work camps as assistant leader and/or intercultural messenger. The skills and interest in communication, especially social media are an asset in this project as well as sufficient level of English, self-initiative and positive attitude towards life. 

Application form + CV ( motivation letter optional) by email to