About Monaliiku 

Monaliiku - Well-being and Sports for Multicultural Women is an NGO established in 2009 to create more opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds to engage in sports activities. Our mission is to promote the health, well-being and physical activities of women and girls through sports, regardless of their religion, skin colour or cultural background and we aim to ensure and increase the equal participation of women and girls in sports and hobbies. We have expertise in understanding gender and culturally bonded characteristics related to sports environment and in integrating gender- and culturally sensitive methods. 

Monaliiku is coordinating local projects and sports activities like Fit4Life, Mentor on the Move or Elderly Ladies on the Move. All these activities enhance the health and well-being of multicultural women and their families through sports. The activities vary from exercise groups to football and yoga or from swimming teaching to health education and sports events for families. We strive to engage in our activities the women who need support in integrating healthy lifestyle or sports to their everyday life. 

Monaliiku is specialized in arranging activities for multicultural women and girls who face different kind of challenges in participating to sports and exercise groups due to personal restrictions that stem from their cultural background, and which are not always recognized and considered in the society. Monaliiku is experienced in finding solutions that break down the barriers and obstacles that multicultural and immigrant women face when engaging to sports groups and activities and thus preventing their social exclusion in the society. 

Monaliiku is a very multicultural workplace with the employees representing different cultures from all over the world.

Your work as a volunteer 

Monaliiku is offering a one-year ESC volunteering position starting 1 st of September 2024. The ESC volunteer will be working at Monaliiku’s office in Helsinki. The main task of the volunteer would be to support the work in different projects and activities. These include mostly tasks in communications and marketing, but also event arrangement and conducting one of our projects: “Walk to the Museum”. The volunteer can also be working on other projects suitable for their skills and knowledge. 

  • Communication 

As the person assisting in marketing, they will have to keep Monaliiku’s social media channels alive by sharing Monaliiku´s initiatives, projects, goals and milestones for example. It will be necessary to create contents, like flyers and templates. Creating images and editing the already existing ones to post them. The texts will be written in English and then translated to Finnish by others in the office if needed. 

Also, this person will oversee the implementation of any changes necessary to the main website, such as updating the staff page, contact information, projects and sport groups development. Preferably, the volunteer should have good IT skills, especially with Microsoft Office, Canva, video making and website management- to support staff if needed as well. 

Monaliiku is considering starting a podcast, as a different communication channel from those usually used to disseminate. The new volunteer will have the opportunity to realize this idea. 

Among the materials needed to be created, there might be also videos. Knowledge in this field is not a must, but very welcome.

  • Walk to the museum

Another task for this volunteer would be re-initiating the “Walking in the Museum” project. Monaliiku ry used to organize museum walks for women to get them acquainted with e.g. architecture, statues and the history of the area. This is an innovative way to allow foreigners women to get to know the surrounding area, especially Helsinki.

Volunteer profile

We hope that the volunteer is motivated, interested in the scope of our activities, has a good level of English, has good communication skills, works well in teams. The volunteer should be able to take initiative, work independently and be open to discover other cultures and different ways of doing things. Good organizational, IT and social media skills are an advantage.

 All communication in Monaliiku is in both English and Finnish, which makes it easy for a person knowledgeable in English to take part in all activities. The bilingual communication can also help the volunteer to learn some Finnish. Please note that we can only accept volunteer applications from EU countries and Ukraine.