Short and long term projects - European Solidarity Corps in Finland

Allianssi Youth Exchanges works as supporting / coordinating organisation for incoming and outgoing volunteers, both short and long term.

We work with our Finnish partner organisations and together are able to provide a meaningful and well supported volunteering experience for the international volunteers staying in different parts of Finland. We recruit volunteers for several partner organisations. These projects usually host volunteers for different periods, varying between 2-12 months..

The projects are in different parts of Finland usually in smaller communities. All the projects have lots of interaction with local and immigrant youths as well as a wide variety of tasks. The working language is English, so the volunteer have to manage  in English language.

The projects are open for 18-30 year old residents and citizens of European Union countries.


ProjectPeriod of volunteeringNumber of volunteersOpen call?
IKKO Folk High School in PunkaharjuFlexible between 4-8 weeks.1-2No.
Cultural Collective Kukoistus3 to 12 months, long-term applicants preferred.2No.
Loimaa Evangelical Folk High School 12 months1-2No
Allianssi Youth Exchanges Office 10-12 months1-2No.
Dodo6 months. 1No.
Länsi-Saimaan 4H2 months2-3No.
Monaliiku8-12 months. 2No. 
Ukrainian Community Center6-12 months1No.
City of Espoo Youth Services1st of October 2023 until 30th of June 20245No.


How to apply?

You can apply to the projects by filling in the application form below. If possible please attach also your CV to the application form (last question).    

If you have any questions please contact us by email Please mark clearly which project  you apply to .

The  volunteer will be supported by a sending organisation in the home country. If you do not have a sending organisation please leave the answer empty or check the list of Alliance member organisations  and we will suggest you an organisation in your country. 

Please fill in this application form:

What is the name of the project you are applying for? If you want to apply to several projects, please put them in order of preference.

1. Background information

2. Educational background and language skills

Do you have a driver's licence?

3. Personal description

Do you have mental or physical health issues (e.g.allergies ) or follow a special diet?

4. Previous experience and current situation

Have you participated earlier in EVS/ESC program?
ESC program promotes inclusion for all young people and there will be extra support if needed. Do you feel that you need extra support to participate in voluntary work abroad (due to fewer opportunities)?
If you replied yes (or maybe) above please choose option(s) which describe your situation:

5. Motivation and project related information

Thank you for your application!

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