International Work Camps

Allianssi Youth Exchanges promotes intercultural learning and global understanding. Therefore we provide different kind of camps with a wide range of possible work. The type of work you can choose varies in the field of: renovation, environment, construction, archeology, social projects, kids work, theme projects, manual work, education, elderly people, festival, culture, agriculture, art, sport, yoga, language and animal care. Most of the time the camps combine more than one type of work e.g. a camp with curltural/educational work.

It is also possible to apply as a camp leader if you have experience in this field or if you study youth work. The target group are motivated people at the age of 18-25, but there are also a few opportunities for youngsters at the age of 16 and people at the age of 25+. Please note that we cannot guarantee all type of camps every year. Therefore you should check our volunteer workcamps at our E-vet database and see if your preferred workfield is available by choosing Finland as the country. We run workcamps around the year, but most can be found during the summer months.

We do not accept any applications made directly to us, make sure to apply through a sending organisation from your own country. For more information on how to apply, please contact your local sending organisation.You can find our partner organisations and your local organisations at the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations website.

By participating in a workcamp in Finland, the volunteers will have a great chance to get to know Finnish cities, towns and the countryside, local culture, traditions and people.

All our camps promote intercultural understanding and learning. Many of our camps give international and multicultural experiences to the local children and youth as well as the volunteers from around the world, and break barriers between different cultures. Sometimes international volunteers work alongside the local youth and youth workers.