11th Intercultural event

For the 11th event, we hosted a truly special edition of Cottage of Cultures, where participants from the World Village volunteering team showcased nine different countries alongside Finland. For the first time, 10 countries were featured in our Cottage of Culture event. 🌍

The event kicked off with speed friending games, allowing everyone to get to know each other better and set the stage for meaningful connections. Once the ice was broken, participants from the World Village volunteering team introduced themselves and shared their projects, highlighting their achievements and the valuable lessons they have learned. 💬

Following the introductions, our intercultural fair began. Attendees had the opportunity to explore each country's booth, tasting delicious delicacies 🍲 and experiencing a variety of cultural displays. 🎨

To conclude the event, we played some traditional games such as the Ukrainian River, limbo, and the lively Letkajenkka dance. 💃🕺

It was an event of true solidarity, where people from diverse cultures came together to connect and celebrate our rich diversity. 🎉