Cultural Collective Kukoistus

Cultural Collective Kukoistus

Cultural Collective Kukoistus is located at the Korkeaoja village in the Western part of Finland, some 40km from the coastline. Kukoistus is a small community of artists and cultural workers that have established working and social spaces in Finnish countryside around Korkeaoja ecological farm. We work here on various projects centered around art, ecology, farming, gardening and socio-pedagogical issues. Some of us live in the village and others in nearby towns. Our aims are to increase the opportunities for artistic work in the Finnish countryside and combining art with living close to the land while promoting sustainability and ecological values. 

Our project evolves around keeping up the shared premises social atmosphere, doing creative individual work and producing events. For values ecology, social aspects and sustainability are important to us.

We are looking for 1-2 long-term volunteers starting in September-November 2023 and finishing between and July-November 2024. 

Volunteer's tasks

Besides volunteer's own individual creative work the tasks will include event production, house maintenance (shared cooking, tidying and other chores such as heating the house), and different sorts of projects around upkeeping, fixing and constructing the premises. We also collaborate with other organisations and help out in different art-related projects. 

The period of mid winter, from December to March, is  suitable for someone who enjoys quiet and solitude and especially for someone who has their own creative projects the can pursue, as there is less practical work to do during that time.

You will also need to be able to take on physical work tasks that vary from gardening to assistance in building and maintenance. This work might be physically demanding.

Volunteer profile

More than skills, we appreciate proactiveness, positivity and social skills.
Since a lot of the work is very practical and done in outside circumstances, we also appreciate practical skills. But what you don't know, we will also teach you. Important is willingness to learn.

It's important that you have self driven motivation to do creative work and are able to organize your life. Since there are only little public transport facilities available, it's important to either have your own driver's licence or be active in communicating to organize your rides. We have a shared rides group and can occasionally also lend the car of some Kukoistus members.

Accomodation & location

The accommodation is in a shared farm house we call "Ateljehouse". The toilets, sauna and kitchen are shared, but volunteers have their own rooms. There is a small family of three persons currently living in the upstairs of the house. There also is a cat in the accommodation and occasionally the neighbours dog visits the house, so we hope you have a positive attitude towards all sorts of beings.

Next to the house there is a barn building that we have renovated for cultural / event purposes. There you can create events, parties etc.We also have a forest garden, that has been planted a few years ago, a vegetable garden that is kept by the Kukoistus people and there is lakes, forests and open landscapes you can use for hiking etc.

There is a possibility to share food/ dinners depending on personal diets and habits. We pay food money per day for each volunteer which makes it possible for you to decide on how to arrange your eating (shared or individual).

Kukoistus is located in the countryside with  closest shops and services about 15km from Korkeaoja, in nearby small towns. Public transport is very limited but you have a possibility for rideshares and also borrowing a car, if you have a licence. Distance to Pori, the nearest city, is 35km.

Former volunteer shares her experience !