5th edition: Czech Republic

Fifth  edition of Cottage of Clutures focused on the Czech Republic. Jana, our long-term ESC volunteer from Czechia, introduced Czech culture. We learned new facts about Czech history, traditional food or famous people. 

We had an opportunity to taste one of the traditional meals - Czech potato pankaces called BRAMBORÁKY.

At a language workshop we learned how to pronounce Czech tricky consonants and tried to pronounce Ř. We also learnd few useful phrases in Czech. 

After the cultural part we were discussing the roots of Halloween and how are holidays in the time of "Halloween" celebrated in different cultures.

Czech culture is rich and we invite you to watch Czech movies or listen to Czech music. Jana made a list of the best movies and playlist of music - from classical composers to contemporary artists. Enjoy!
(Most of the movies can be found with subtitiles on Netflix or HBO max or even on YouTube)