1st edition: Italy

1st edition of Cottage of Cultures !: Italy 

The Cottage of Cultures event at Allianssi-Talo was all about discovering Italy and making new friends. We're on a mission to present different cultures, share stories, and make connections. 

The first edition of Cottage of Cultures took place in Allianssi-Talo on 15th of June at 6pm. Here are the activities we did:

 We kicked off with a cool icebreaker. Everyone showed their keys – the ones they carry around – and introduced themselves. Sharing funny stories about their keys and things attached to them helped everyone break the ice.

🌈  We made sure everyone felt safe and included. We explained our safe space rules and had safe person to help if anyone felt harrassed. 

⏰  We talked about what we were going to do during the event and explained the Solidarity Project's goal. This set the stage for an exciting day ahead.

 Discovering Italy: We played a fun quiz (Kahoot) about Italy. It was full of interesting facts and we explained the right answers. People also had time to ask questions and learn cool stuff about Italy.

🍕  We learned how to make pizza dough and each made our own pizza with our favorite toppings. Everyone got a printed recipe to take home, so they can make it again.

🗣️  While waiting for our pizzas to cook, we had group discussions. We talked about things like Minority rights, Inclusive language, Environmental practices, relationship with nature, discrimination in the workplace.
People shared their thoughts for 10 minutes, and then we voted on what to discuss next time. The topic of Environmental practices won. 

🍽️  Finally, we got to enjoy our freshly baked pizzas and chat with each other. Sharing food and stories brought us all closer together.