Introducing our current ESC long-term volunteers !

Annita, from Greece

Her project: LEKO - Loimaa Evangelical Folk High School

"Hello, Γεια σας, Terve! My name is Annita, I'm 27 years old and I come from beautiful Greece. I studied as a pharmacist's assistant and as a kindergarten teacher. Since a very young age, I wanted to visit my dream destination, Finland, and now, finally I ve manage to do that, thanks to European solidarity Corps and Allianssi Youth Exchanges! 

My project takes place in Loimaa's kindergarten which hosts immigrant kids, so together we are learning the Finnish language as I attend to speak with my terrible accent!
I'm so glad I ve been chosen for this volunteering project because for me, that's a great opportunity to combine a trip, my love for children and for communication with people from all around the world, while I get to know Finnish culture better. Cheers, Annita "

Jana, from the Czech Republic

Her project:  Allianssi Youth Exchanges Office

Moikka! 🌠 My name is Jana and I just started my project at Allianssin Nuorisovaihto. Youth work is close to my heart as I already worked in a similar organisation and volunteered as a scout leader. ⚜️ I come from the Czech Republic, I’m 25 years old and I am a graduate in HR management.

I fell in love with Finnish language and culture years ago and ESC gave me an opportunity to fulfil my dream of exploring Finland and strengthen my language skills. 

Khanh, from Vietnam

Her project:  Allianssi Youth Exchanges Office

Terve!✨ I’m Khanh, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am a graduate student in Finland, and I have just started working for Allianssi nuorisovaihto office. Despite living and studying in Finland ☃️ for quite some time, I have not got chance to experience much of Finnish as well as European culture and society, so I decide to participate in European Solidarity Corps. I am passionate in communication and marketing, so getting to work for Allianssi nuorisovaihto is an amazing opportunity for me to develop myself as well as contribute to our volunteer efforts. I am so excited on this next chapter of my life, to explore international opportunities, embark new experiences and make positive impact on the community.☺️ 

Roman, from Ukraine

His project: Ukrainian Community Center

Вітаю! I'm Roman, from Kyiv, Ukraine. Nowadays, I am in my junior year of Public Administration at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and have already participated in several academic exchanges to Finland, Canada and the US, organized some stuff and generally tried to make the most of my life. This year, I've found out about 

an opportunity to take part in the life of the Ukrainian community in Finland and decided to finally settle in one place, becoming a volunteer at the Ukrainian Community Center in Helsinki! It's a significant opportunity to rediscover Finland for me, as well as to meet lots of new people from both Ukrainian and international communities. I sincerely feel like it will be one of the most memorable years of my life." 🙌🙌🙌

Apolline, from France

Her project: CIty of Espoo Youth Services

Salut :) i'm Apolline and i'm French 🥐 I took a gap year during my studies to do an ESC and now I'm volunteering in a youth centre in Espoo. Concretely it means that i'm there for the youngsters to play with them, talk with them, take part in various projects and make sure the center is a safe place 💕
I'm here for 9 months and i can't wait 

to discover the beauty of Finland and its tradition 🧖‍♀️🌌🌲
Volunteering is for me a great oportunity to improve my working and social skills while discovering a new country and visiting a lot of new places 🇫🇮

Veronika, from Ukraine

Her project: CIty of Espoo Youth Services

Привітик, I'm Veronika, from Ukraine. Would like to say that I'm also from Kyiv, but actually it's my 3rd month not being there at all , as I was lucky to get some experience with ESC projects in France and the Netherlands. I used to work as a logistician and live office life during the daytime but usually on weekends turned to obsessed volunteer and 

helped with rebuilding houses, which were destroyed due to russian invasion in Kyiv region and Ukraine in general. 

I m really excited about my long-term volunteering in Espoo Youth Center, as after each project I changed, as discovered new features of my personality and improved soft skills. I am open for new challenges, acquaintances and will try to like this windy, cold and dark country with awesome nature!

Sofia, from Italy

Her project: CIty of Espoo Youth Services

Ciao! I'm Sofia and I come from Italy🍕, from the Dolomites🏔. I'm 19 years old and I just finished my high-school.
I decided to undertake this period abroad in order to get to know myself better and improve my English and so to continue next year with a university course of study in tourism business 👩🏽‍🎓📚

Now I am a long-term volunteering in a projector in Espoo in a youth centre. I choose this projector because I really love work with this people of this age, I think it's very interesting because everyday this youth people gives you different emotions. ⚽️🎨🧚🏽‍♀️
I'm here for 9 months and I really want to visit all the  Finland and I hope go cross country skiing ⛷️.

Živa, from Slovenia

Her project: LEKO - Loimaa Evangelical Folk High School

Zdravo! I’m Živa and I’m from Slovenia (no, not Slovakia, the other one). I studied illustration, was an active volunteer with young people while studying, changed my mind and became a youth worker. Then I caught the travel bug and became an aupair (nanny), first in Finland, then in the US. But I fell in love with Finland, so when I found an ESC volunteering opportunity at Loimaa evangelical 

folk school working with immigrants I applied immediately. I’ve been learning many new things here at LEKO and I’m excited to develop myself further in this field.

Caterina, from Italy

Her project: CIty of Espoo Youth Services

Ciao! I’m Caterina from Italy. I took a gap year before starting my university studies and decided to dedicate it to volunteering! This is my second ESC project in youth centres and I’m already loving it .

I adore spending time doing sports and cooking  and would like to transmit this passion to others! I’m 

here for 5 months and can’t wait to live this amazing experience! 

Mar, from Spain

Her project: Monaliiku

Hola:) I’m Mar from Catalonia I’m 22, and just finished my degree of International Relations in Barcelona! I decided to come to Finland for a year after my flatmate convinced me it was a great experience to grow and learn. Now I am volunteering with projects 

and marketing at Monaliiku, an NGO that focuses on creating sports events to integrate migrant women. 

Manon, from France

Her project:  Allianssi Youth Exchanges Office

Hello, I´m Manon from Brittany in France 🥞 I´m 23 and I recently finished my degree in Territorial Management and Local Development.
I really wanted to volunteer after my studies because it´s such a great opportunity to grow, learn, meet other people and try a lot of new things!
I´m super happy I get to do it in Finland, a country that I can´t wait to discover while volunteering in Allianssi Youth Exchanges's office to promote international mobility and experiences for young people 🗺️.