Introducing our current ESC long-term volunteers !

Betty, 22, from Spain

Her project: Blue Ribbon Foundation

"I work in Sininauhasäätiö and we work with homeless people around Finland. We usually have to work with mental health issues and addictions because some of the homeless people have these problems added. For the moment, I was helping in the day centres and the housing units and there we usually give support them with the meals, showers, drug kits... Furthermore, we spend free time with the homeless playing games or doing activities outside On the other hand, I was working in the flea market that is a center for donations of clothes."

Ines, 25, from Portugal

Her project: Blue Ribbon Foundation

"The association I'm working in helps homeless people and people who were homeless for many types of reasons, to fine their way in life and to integrate in society. The project I'm developing for Sininauhahäätio is very vast, and there are many tasks available. We can help with breakfast at the main common rooms in some house units, we can help in day centers with food, extra activities like museums, social media, sorting donated clothes etc."

Elisa, 23, from Austria

Her project: Dodo

"Dodo is an environmental NGO that addresses environmental issues societally. Their projects include urban gardening, food saving, urban planning, addressing climate issues, spreading awareness over social media, organising educational events and much more. I am helping out wherever I am needed, from garden work in the greenhouse to participating in the organisation of different projects."

Perrine, 23, from France

Her project: Allianssi Youth Exchanges

"I work in the office of Allianssi Youth Exchanges. The organization supports and coordinates international volunteering programs. My tasks include the promotion of ESC projects in Finland and abroad through social media, being in close contact with the long-term volunteers in Finland in order to be a support and to promote their experience, and finally organizing events to raise awareness about the volunteering programs. I also particiated in the beginning of my project in two youth exchanges related to topics I was interested in. "