8th edition: Slovenia

For the 8th edition, we discovered Slovenia's history, traditions and also a few words to start learning Slovenian. It was also the opportunity to talk about the impact of mass tourism in the country and how to go towards a more sustainable tourism.

We were so happy to reunite for the Cottage of Culture edition Slovenia (and not Slovakia! 😉)

Živa, our long-term volunteer at Loimaa Evangelical Folk High School introduced Slovenia, its history and everything you need to know before coming to this amazing country ! 🗺

🥣 We enjoyed discovering delicious meals, especially the traditional mushroom soup : something you´ll want to eat again and again !

🌱 This was also the opportunity to talk about an important topic : sustainable tourism.
How can you travel and respect the planet ? What´s the impact of mass tourism in Slovenia ?

🚊 We started to imagine what green travel routes we could use to reduce our impact and keep discovering the world !

Next Cottage of Cultures, we will travel (in a sustainable way) in another beautiful country to discover : stay tuned!

We can´t wait to see you for this next one 🌈