Previous editions

International SOUP #1

The very first edition of International SOUP, in Helsinki, happened on 14th of June and it was a success! There have been 2 pitchers - Marc and Alicia, who presented their project ideas in front of 17 SOUPorters. We ate French onion soup and homemade bread, cooked by a team of international volunteers, and the overall atmosphere was friendly and very open.

The winner of the first edition was Alicia, who got the most votes. Her project involved the Urband Dinner events and improving the quality of those by teaching volunteers more about reducing food waste and sustainable cooking. 

We gathered 170 EUR for her project, from the SOUPorters who were present at the event. 

International SOUP #2

The second edition of International SOUP, which took place on 31st of October 2022, from 6pm, at Allianssi-talo, hosted two organizations that pitched their projects! Naapuruustalo Pasila and MonaLiiku presented to the audience in less than 4 minutes why their projects are beneficial to the community of Helsinki. 

Naapuruustalo Pasila is organizing a conversation club in the Pasila Neighbourhood House, that gives the chance for the participants to learn Finnish through drama and role-play. So their idea is helping the internationals to integrate in the community through fun activities.

MonaLiiku's project, Bridge to Sports, was created to support the inclusion of migrants and people with migrant backgrounds into sports clubs as volunteers. 

In the end, the SOUPorters voted equally for both projects, which only means that the participants found relevant both of the ideas and think that they are useful for the community. Since it was a tie, the 134 EUR was split to both organizations, so they can use it for their future activities!

For dinner we had pumpkin soup, which we all enjoyed while exchanging opinions about the projects and how to involve more in the community's problem solving.

Ukrainian Community Dinner

Tuesday, 31st of January 2023, we held in Allianssi-talo, the 3rd edition of International SOUP. This was a special event that we dedicated to a local partnership that supports Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Community Dinner promoted the Knitting Club, a project organized by Anarkistimartat, which this year is held in collaboration with the Ukrainian Center. The two organisations are currently working together in order to create warming clothes, such as socks, beanies and gloves, for the Ukrainians, especially for the soldiers. 

After the presentations, the choir of the Ukrainian Center had an artistic moment and impressed the audience with a few songs in Ukrainian. In the end, we enjoyed Ukrainian soup called borscht and had a few moments to socialize, enjoy the soup and talk about the project.

There were more than 30 people who came to support the cause, and donated 377 EUR,  which all went to the two organisations, for buying quality materials for the knitting activities at the Knitting Club.