How does it work?

How does International SOUP work?

The event promotes open communication, dialogue, participation, civic engagement, creativity, entrepreneurship and multiculturalism. In order to achieve these goals, we are using the same structure as SOUP concept which started in Detroit.

Here are the steps:

Before the event:

1. We give people the opportunity to apply and pitch their project ideas. Whoever has an initiative that needs funding, can pitch it at International SOUP. We select the pitchers randomly two weeks before the event.

2. The pitchers receive a form where they have to explain their idea better. In order to get feedback and help, we want to know as much information as possible before the event.

3. We read the forms and give support to the selected pitchers. We meet with them once before the event and give them feedback regarding their pitches and projects. This way, they will feel more prepared to talk in front of a crowd.

4. We also receive applications for local artists or volunteers who would like to help. Everybody is welcome to participate at the event in a way or another.

5. People who want to participate at the event as SOUPorters, have to donate between 5 and 15 EUR either cash at the entrance, or via mobile pay. Read down below why we need SOUPorters.

During the event:

1. At the event, pitchers have 4 minutes to convince the people that their idea deserves their votes. All of the pitchers have another 4 minutes to receive and answer 4 questions from the crowd.

2. After the pitches, SOUPorters eat soup and discuss. We give this time and space for everyone to ask questions to the pitchers, exchange opinions, give feedback and overall create connections. We believe talking over a bowl of soup will make it easier for everyone to start a conversation.

3. When everybody is done eating, people will vote for the project they think deserves the money. 

4. Whoever has the most votes, receives the money that was donated from the SOUPorters. We also encourage donations to the other projects and we facilitate the exchange of resources. That's why, people can actually help the projects in their own way (if you know anyone that can help in a way or another or if you can help with materials or money, you are more than welcome to do so!).

5. We also give the space and time for local artists to show their art and share with the others their passions and/or hobbies. These are changing at each event, depending on who from the local community is interested to participate as an artist. We encourage anyone who would like to promote themselves to apply as an artist at our event.

6. The last part of the event will be promotion of our international projects in Allianssi Youth Exchanges. We create our own projects and partnerships and we work with a very large number of programs, so this will be an opportunity for you to find projects and free spots in diverse activities. You can later apply to whatever you are interested in!