4th edition: Greece

✨ Recap of Yesterday's Cottage of Cultures: Greek Edition! 🏛️🇬🇷

What an incredible evening at the Cottage of Cultures: Greek Edition event yesterday! 🌟 We had a blast celebrating Greek culture, our relationship with nature, and tasting delicious food. Here's a glimpse of the highlights:

🇬🇷 Greek Presentation: Our fantastic Greek volunteer presented the rich history and traditions of Greece. From ancient mythology to modern-day customs, we learned so much about this culture.

💃 The easy dance workshop was a lot of fun, with everyone learning traditional Greek moves to the tunes. 💃🕺

🌿 We also had a special presentation from the Finnish Nature Association. The speaker shared inspiring activities to strengthen our bond with nature.

🗳 Thank you to all of you who took part in the sticker voting activity to choose designs for our upcoming promotional materials. Your input is invaluable, and we can't wait to reveal the winning designs!

🍽️ Last but not least, let's talk about the highlight of the event—EATING! 😋 We tried horiatiki, tzatziki, dakos, and frappe. It all tasted delicious.

Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday! Stay tuned for more exciting events in the upcoming months. 🌍✨