Past edition's of Cottage of Cultures

Here you can find the all reports about our monthly events. 

1st edition: Italy⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

In Cottage of Cultures participants learned more about Italy through a kahoot game, attended in authentic pizza making workshop as well as food tasting and inspiring discussion panel. 

2nd event  was about Polish heritage, culture with pierogi making workshop where we uncover the art of making dough and fillings together.
 We also had the chance to engage in inspiring discussions hosted by Jonne & Nea from Dodo oy and discuss about the importance of environmental practices 🌍💚

Together with the Ukrainian association, we hosted a 3rd edition of Cottage of Cultures: Ukraine. We had the chance to celebrate Ukrainian culture with an interesting presentation about Ukraine history and folklore. 🇺🇦


4th edition: Greece

During this event we learned about Greece culture, learned Greek dances and as well tasted amazing Greek food.

5th edition: The Czech Republic

During this event we embraced Czech culture and learned some new phrases and words in the Czech languge.  We couldn't miss to taste traditional potato pancakes as well.

6th edition: Vietnam 

During this event we learned so much about Vietnam and it's culture . We discussed about fast fashion and the impact on the enviroment and as well tasted traditional Vietnamese food.

7th edition: France

We got to learn about France and it's culture during this event. We also talked about the urgent problem of recent water issues in France and overall, including floods, droughts, and forest fires.

8th edition : Slovenia

For the 8th edition, we discovered Slovenia's history, traditions and also a few words to start learning Slovenian. It was also the opportunity to talk about the impact of mass tourism in the country and how to go towards a more sustainable tourism.

9th edition: Italy

For the 9th edition, we learned about Italy, its culture, traditions, and cuisine. Additionally, we also discussed the air pollution problem in Italy and worldwide. 

10th edition: Spain

In our 10th edition, we delved deep into Spanish culture, savoring the gazpacho soup and Buñuelos de viento de calabaza, and learning flamenco dance. Additionally, we explored the pressing issue of microplastics and their impact on Spain's marine ecosystem.

11th edition: Intercultural event

For the 11th event, we hosted a truly special edition of Cottage of Cultures, where 10 different countries was presented and featured.

12th edition: Georgia

For the 12th event, we learned more about Georgia and its culture from our volunteer. We also discussed the environmental issue of landslides in Georgia and worldwide, and had a deep discussion about it.