Why "international"?

We believe that the "international" in the event's name stands for unity, multiculturalism and openess to differencies and new opportunities. Since we are working mainly with international projects, we want to promote opportunities for people to go abroad, learn and develop in an international environment and discover new cultures. 

This is one of the reasons we gave the international nuance to our event. During the event, people will have the chance to find out more about international projects and going abroad through our programs. We will have a moment during the event where we will showcase our current opportunities for people to go in international projects and afterwards, people can apply to participate in what they find interesting for them.

Our event is also going to be in English and is dedicated to all citizens of Helsinki, also internationals who are searching for a place to make new friends and get introduced to new people. We believe thourgh this event, people will make connections and friendships easier!

Plus, we will try to make soup from a different country each time we do an event! This way, you can try food from diverse parts of the world and get to taste something new everytime you come to International SOUP.