Learning experiences from trainings

IVS4Life, first session 16.-20.6.21, online

The first sessions of IVS4Life was a training held online from the Dutch organisation SIW. The aim of this training was to provide the IVS group leaders with innovative skills to facilitate cross-cultural communication and self-development in their IVS camps, using the method of forum theatre.

First of all, a lot of this online training was about creating a safe and supportive space for all participants. This, in order to fully develop forum theatre. The team building activities and energizers took an important place as it allowed us to feel more comfortable with each other and to get more and more familiar with the concept of forum theatre. One of the exercises was for example using only our bodies to express an emotion.

Moreover, we got theoretical insights about group forming, personal development and deep cultural learning. We used a bunch of tools in order to bring us understand and experience the situations. Some tools we used: the Bono's hats (as the 6 ways of thinking), Tuckmann group development phases, the Drama triangle and the DIVE model. All these methods and tools were put into practice with small plays or debates regarding our own experience.

Finally, even though online, we succeeded to play forum theatre. From  our experiences and/or our fear as a camp leader, by group, we staged one situation and put it on for the other participants. As forum theatre implies, we played it until the situation escalate and then the audience joined the play in order to try to solve the situation and we altogether played forum theatre from our screens.

One lesson that we got with this training is that with forum theatre, we can go deeply in situations and try different solutions for the problem.

Some quotes from participants: 

IVS4Life is for me... "starting point being camp leader in the future",  "fun educational experience", "a sequel to my volunteer and volunteering addiction", "supporting international family", "personal growing and meeting interesting people", "new contacts, new ideas, original concepts, new point of view"...

IVS4Life, second session 18.-24.10.21, Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands