Diversity to Community, 20.8.-4.9.2023

Host organization

Regional Red Cross organisation and Kuusamo refugee reception center organise this ESC team together with local organisations. 

Work tasks

The theme of the camp is multicultural equality and community. The goal is to increase equality and community between different parties. Regarding equality, the campers plan and implement a half-day event at three schools in Kuusamo, where there are students from different cultures. The goal is to increase intercultural encounters and tolerance, as well as community spirit within the school and to support equality in the school's everyday life. In relation to community spirit, the volunteers together with the local Red Cross volunteers organize also an open event where the multiculturalism of Kuusamo is brought to the fore and, for example, the food culture and music of different countries get visibility. In addition to the reception centre, Kuusamo has many other residents from different cultural backgrounds.

Accommodation and food

Home for volunteers is a reception center located in Kuusamo, where most of the camp's every day tasks are carried out in addition to theme days. The reception center in Kuusamo has been opened in August 2022 and has around 200 residents. Accommodations and cooking facilities are at the reception center. Accommodation is shared with other volunteers.

Participant profile

The project is open for 20-30 year old citizens and permanent residents of EU countries and Ukraine. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in meeting people from different cultures.

Application deadline has passed