Volunteer team in Lastu, 28.7.-13.8.2023

Description of host organisation, aims, activities

Architecture and environmental culture school Lastu is an art and construction activity center in Lapinlahti. It was founded in 1993 in it's maintained by an association. Lastu's mission is to support and develop architectural and environmental cultural education and promote the appreciation, understanding and nurturing of old and newer built cultural heritage. Their aim is to help people to create a relationship with nature and offer tools to nurture and care for the environment.  

Description of the work 

The volunteers get to work with a variety of different tasks. For participants interested in renovation, one of the main tasks will be to help renovate an old smoke sauna that will be turned into a more common type of sauna. The renovation includes different tasks, such as cleaning the interior, repairing ceiling, and preparing the wood material.  After this, there will be a big opening where the volunteers get to learn how to heat up the sauna. 

In addition to the sauna renovation, the host organization is looking for volunteers interested in working with children and event organizing. During the volunteer team, the volunteers will help to organize a building camp for children. The volunteers will help to lead the camp as well as do cooking and other tasks in the kitchen. Finally, the volunteers will help to organize a traditional children’s event called Vasikkasavut.  At Vasikkasavut, there are different workships for kids, where they can try for example different handicrafts. There will also be animals to pet and different traditioinal Finnish summer treats. 

You can specify in your application which of there three main tasks you are most interested in. 

Volunteer profile

This volunteer team suits well for people interested in experiencing the beautiful Finnish nature in a rural environment. The host organization is looking for volunteers who are interested in either renovating, working with children, or event organizing. If you have some experience in any of these fields, please mention it in your application.


The accommodation is organized indoors as communal living in buildings outside and/or classrooms. if you want, you can also sleep in a tent. The volunteers have access to toilets, showers, and kitchen and they will cook meals together.

Description of the area

Lapinlahti is a small municipality with around 9000 inhabitants and it’s located in an area called Northern Savonia. The area has lots of beautiful nature, and it’s famous for having lots of forest and lakes. 

In the free time, it’s possible to go swimming in the lake, visit art museums and an ateljee-gallery-café, and discover different nature attractions nearby.    


Lapinlahti is located close to the city of Kuopio, around five hours from Helsinki. There is a direct train connection from Helsinki to Lapinlahti. 

More information

Project is supported by the European Solidarity Corps and open for 18-30 year old citizens and permanent residents of EU countries and Ukraine. Participation is free of charge, as well as board and lodging. Volunteers need to stay the full duration of the project in order to get pocket money (5 euros per day) and travel cost reimbursed (20-360 euros depending on the distance). 

"Volunteer team in Lastu" application form 

ESC program promotes inclusion for all young people and there will be extra support if needed. We especially welcome volunteers whose personal situation fits in any of the below mentioned ones. Does any of these options describe your background?
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