Clean up Åland 100, 2.-16.6.2022, Åland and Helsinki, Finland

This year marks 100 years of Åland’s autonomy. The anniversary is celebrated and remembered in a variety of ways. The province’s jubilee year began on 9 June 2021 and will culminate on 9 June 2022 with the centenary of Åland’s Parliament. The Clean up Åland 100 -project is one of the events the Prime Minister’s Office organizes during the jubilee. The sea, nature and sustainable development are central themes in the jubilee.

The Clean Up Åland project promotes the protection of the Baltic Sea and brings together new ideas to facilitate the collection of waste. Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea is a problem, but so is littering. Plastic marine litter knows no boundaries. The Finnish coast differs from the shores of other Baltic Sea countries, as the shore is often rocky and therefore it is difficult to pick waste in other ways than manually.

More information on the website.

Tasks of volunteers:

The ESC volunteers from different EU countries are expected to arrive in Mariehamn on the 2nd of June and take part in cleanup initiatives on Åland and Mainland Finland during the Clean up Åland 100 -week. During the week there will be an event on UN World Oceans Day in Mariehamn and an event in Helsinki on Åland Autonomy Day where volunteers will get to do various tasks. The volunteers are also asked to help out with communication efforts about the week and post on social media. The Clean up Åland 100 –project is evaluated and best practices are shared at the final seminar on 15 June in Helsinki. Volunteers return home from Helsinki on 16 June.

Possible tasks include:

  • Participating in cleanup initiatives on Åland and mainland Finland
  • Taking part in UN World Ocean Day event 8.6.2022, Mariehamn
  • Helping out at Senate Square event 9.6.2022, Helsinki
  • Participating in final seminar 15.6.2022, Helsinki
  • Communication and social media tasks

The project is open for active 18-30 year old volunteers who are interested in environmental protection and ready to get their hands dirty with a variety of practical tasks. Be prepared to communal living, cooking together and seeing some extraordinary places while working in Åland archipelago and Helsinki.

Project is full.