WHV Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 6.8.-20.8.2022

WHV Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 6.8.-20.8.2022 

(Project code: ALLI03ESC)


The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Suomenlinna is restored, maintained and governed by the Governing Body of Suomenlinna that operates under the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.  This  government agency is responsible for preserving the monument and associated historical and architectural values for future generations. In this project you are working to progress the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by protecting the world’s natural and cultural heritage (SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities). 

Volunteer's tasks

The volunteers will do landscaping tasks in this World Heritage Site in Finland. Suomenlinna is one of the most visited destinations in Finland and that is why the volunteers will also assist in other tasks such as visitor management and supportive restoration tasks of historical buildings. The volunteers have a chance to get to know more about preservation and promotion of  a world heritage site. They aim in generating new ideas and  actions with participants involved in preserving this common cultural heritage and aware how is it taken care of. 


The volunteers will stay in a dormitory in  Hostel Suomenlinna. Lunches are provided and the volunteers will cook dinners  in turns.


Suomenlinna (More information: http://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/)  in Helsinki.  


The volunteers need to show interest towards World Heritage and prepare themselves beforehand  in order to tell about the World Heritage projects in their home countries. The applicants need to write a one page motivation letter explaining why they would like to join the project, if they have any previous experience in WHV volunteering and what could be their contribution to the project.  


Helsinki. There is a 15 minutes ferry ride from the centre of Helsinki.

Details of the project 

Project is supported by the European Solidarity Corps and open for 18-30 year old citizens and permanent residents of EU countries and Ukraine. Participation is free of charge, as well as board and lodging. Volunteers need to stay the full duration of the project in order to get pocket money (5 euros per day) and travel cost reimbursed (20-360 euros depending on the distance). Due to covid-19 pandemic  volunteers need to have certificates of their full series of approved covid-19 vaccinations or a certificate of earlier covid-19 infection less than 6 months ago.   

One more place left to apply!

Application form : WHV Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 6.8.-20.8.2022 

ESC program promotes inclusion for all young people and there will be extra support if needed. We especially welcome volunteers whose personal situation fits in any of the below mentioned ones. Does any of these options describe your background?
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