Animal Rescue Home, 20.6.-3.7.2023

Activity description

Kytömaa animal rescue home is a place where abused or abandoned animals can come and live loved for the rest of their lives.We have a horse, a pony and a donkey, three sheep, five chickens and a rooster, three cats and a dog. . We look after and take care of the animals' daily well-being. In addition, we repair and build more living space for the animals. The duties include the daily treatment and care of the animals as well as renovation and maintenance of animal shelters. We learn how to treat animals, taking into account species-typical behavior and possible special requirements related to the animals' previous history. The volunteers will do manual tasks with animals and their shelters in all weather conditions so it is necessary to to bring working clothes and shoes which can get dirty and wet.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers live in the farm's main building and in the apartment in the stable. If you wish, it is possible to try sleeping in a hammock or tent at the edge of the forest. The volunteers will join all the daily chores including tidying and maintenance work. We cook the food together and it is mainly vegetarian food. The farm is surrounded by nature and in the middle of wolf territory and here it is possible to hear wolves howling in the evening. nd. We live between two lakes, you can walk across the forest to swim. The place is near Salo about 100 km from Helsinki, one hour by bus.

Training during the activity

Kytömaa animal rescue home is a farm where different kinds of rescue animals live. The volunteers will learn how to treat animals and live close to nature.

Participant profile

A strong motivation to work with animals and for their wellbeing is needed in this team. It is important that the volunteers are not allergic to animals, bees or dust. You should be ready to get your hands dirty and enjoy nature and rural life since the farm is located far from town. The volunteer group will have time to swim in nearby lakes, make campfire, organise movie nights or just enjoy the peace and nature. The team begins just before midsummer weekend so there is first on arrival training and Finnish midsummer after which the team moves to actual work in the animal rescue farm.

Applications to this project closed on the 16th of May. We will process the applications as soon as possible.