Project 4 : Kanneljarvi Folk High School

Kanneljärvi Folk High School

Kanneljärvi Folk High School is a vocational institute which provides a wide range of educational services. We are located 60 kilometres from Helsinki. The range of study programmes in Kanneljärvi Folk High School consists of the upper secondary vocational degree in Youth and Leisure Instruction, further qualification degree in Special Needs Instruction for Children, additional basic education and adult education studies i.e. art studies. In addition to the above mentioned Kanneljärvi Folk High School provides studies in Finnish language and culture for immigrant students. Kanneljärvi Institute also has a student dormitory and the extra-curricular activities provided for the students form a basis for an expanded pedagogical view. Our personnel consists of 30 people and of those 30 approximately 3-4 individuals will be working with the ESC volunteer. These individuals work or otherwise influence in the field of youth and leisure instructing and therefore are well equipped to be involved in voluntary work. The instructor working in the dormitory will also be participating in the voluntary work. All together we have 350 students, of those students 100 live at the dormitory during the weeks

Your work as a volunteer

We are open to discuss with the volunteer what kind of work she/he would like to /can do. After that we make a concrete plan of voluntary service. We hope that our volunteer could organize activities and instruct students who are dormitory residents. Volunteer can participate Finnish language and culture course

Possible tasks

  • Organizing sport activities, culture activities, volunteer's own culture club, household activities etc. If the volunteer wishes to do gardening activities we can also arrange that kind of work. 
  • The volunteer can also do kitchen and tidying/maintenance activities. 
  • The volunteer is also welcome to participate trips and camps what we are doing with our students. 


Volunteer will stay at the student dormitory. The rooms are double rooms shared by 2 persons. We have food services for our school and we can pay attention for different diets. 

Volunteer profile

We hope that our volunteer can do activities with young people and thus we hope that she/he is a sociable person with a positive attitude. Our school is multicultural, so the volunteer must have tolerance and the ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Our school is not unobstructed, so unfortunately we cannot provide place volunteer who is in a wheelchair. The position is suitable for any young person aged 18-30, also youngsters who have economic challenges or immigrant background. Our work language will mainly be English. In our dormitory it is not allowed to use any intoxicants so we insist that our volunteer respects these rules.

The former volunteers share through photos, videos, writting..

Application forms + CVs (motivation letter optional) by email to