Project 8 : Blue Ribbon Foundation

About Sininauhasäätiö (Blue ribbon foundation)

Sininauhasäätiö defends the rights of the people in the weakest position, for example homeless people, and people with drug or mental health issues. The goal of Sininauhasäätiö is to lower the amount of homelessness, strengthen the drug and mental health services, and assist our clients towards being a part of the society. Our Christian values can be seen in our way of encountering our clients: we believe in human dignity and meeting people with respect.

Sininauhasäätiö is working with housing first -principle: everyone has a right to one’s own home, with his own door with his own name.. For 60 years Sininauhasäätiö has given thousands of homeless people a home, regardless of drug, economic, or mental health problems or criminal history.

Volunteers of Sininauhasäätiö have  a priceless value for our clients everyday life. They give their unconditional love and time.

Become a volunteer for Sininauhasäätiö!

Do you want to help the unfortunate ones, while gaining essential work experience and new contacts to your network? Join Sininauhasäätiö´s volunteers.

Sininauhasäätiö offers various kinds of volunteer work among the homeless, immigrants, or the otherwise disadvantaged ones. We offer introduction to your work, education, regular volunteer meetings, necessary support during your work, and also recreational activities. At the end you will receive a volunteering certificate and huge amounts of new experience.

As a volunteer in this project you help in shelters for homeless people by meeting the people, playing games with them, by listening and giving your time and care for them and help in the kitchen.​

You can volunteer as a support person for our customers​, help in sorting donated clothes​, help in events and fundraising campaigns ​,help in the  tasks with the new immigrants, help in cooking groups​, write stories or blogs, send pictures in our social media and many other things. We want that our volunteers do things which gives them great feeling. That’s why we want to find the most suitable tasks for you.  We are always also open for your ideas.


Volunteers live in the shared apartment in Helsinki. In the apartment there's a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Another volunteer can have the bedroom and another one the living room.

Volunteer profile

We are looking for volunteer who has will to help people in the most vulnerable situation. It is good to be open minded and ready to face all kind of people in all kind of conditions.

Volunteer testimonial

Watch a video of Blue Ribbon Foundation's previous volunteer Ines describing her experience: 

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