Työssäoppimaan Eurooppaan 2-3 viikoksi

 Tarjolla on mahdollisuuksia lähteä lyhyelle 2-3 viikon Learn YoWo -harjoittelujaksolle saamaan kansainvälistä kokemusta ja harjoittelemaan kansainvälistä yhteistyöstä eri kulttuureista tulevien kanssa..

 Lyhyillä jaksoilla yleensä osallistutaan kansainväliselle leirille  ryhmänohjaajan  avustajana tai sitten ihan osallistujana. Ryhmäohjaustehtäviin kuuluu keskeisesti ryhmäytys, ryhmädynamiikasta huolehtiminen ja osallistujien tukena oleminen, mutta tehtäviin voi kuulua myös esimerkiksi yhteisten ruokailuiden organisointiin osallistuminen. Lisäksi ohjaaja osallistuu vapaaehtoisten kanssa varsinaisiin vapaaehtoisten työtehtäviin.

Lue paikoista lisää alta ja hae mukaan tällä lomakkeella mahdollisimman pian.


IBG 19 - Reviving peatlands for climate and biodiversity from Sept. 3 to 16: The volunteers will actively contribute to protecting a special peatland called “Weyrichsbruch”. This area was drained more than 150 years ago for forestry use. Peatlands are a valuable and natural Co2 storage as well as an ecological habitat with a high and very specialized biodiversity. The local instructor and the two camp leaders have a lot of knowledge about forest and biodiversity, which they will be happy to share. Photos here.
IBG 27 - Biodiversity Protection in the Baar region from Oct. 7 to 21: The volunteers to a major nature and biodiversity protection project. Your tasks will mainly be to clear up and shape forest edges as well as clear up rough pastures. The opening up of the forest edges is very important for its ecosystem! The work will be led by a professional instructor who supervises the nature protection project in the Baar region. He will be very happy to share his knowledge with you and answer your questions about this very specific area. Last but not least, the region around Blumberg offers magnificent landscapes and you will enjoy the autumn colours of the nature.




  • Nestled in the hollow of a green valley, the town of Coly - St Amand is located in the heart of the PErigord Noir, a territory rich in history Composed of two former municipalities that have decided to unite into one, we will work to unite these territories.The Ecocycle association is a third place which develops a participatory animation project on the territory of the municipality of Saint Amand de Coly and its surroundings. These activities are strongly influenced by concerns related to climate change. In this context you will participate in the design and preparation of a shared garden for the winter.You will discover a sense of welcome of the population and the charm of the landscapes and heritage, by organizing with other volunteers, and the leaders your program of activities.
  • WORK
  • You will have the opportunity to be introduced to the concept of permaculture and agroforestry. You will work on preparing the gardens for the upcoming winter period by weeding, working on protecting the soil, seeding and planting. In addition, there will be creative work done in organizing the layout and design of the gardens. You will also take time to participate in the activities offered by Ecocycle.
  • You will be welcomed at the Vieux Logis de Saint Amand. Sleeping in a room for 2 to 3 people. Meals will be cooked and taken collectively, you can take turns preparing good dishes, so come with your recipes.
  • St Amand-de-Coly is located in PErigord Noir, 10 km from the caves of Lascaux, between PErigueux and Brive.Leisure: Site visits, nature activities, you will build your own entertainment program with the leaders and the other participants. We favour a discovery of the territory and these actors over consumption activities.

The wall of Nucia 11/07-25/07/2023,  LA NUCIA, Spain 
Project code: ESDA-2323
WORK : The Wall of Nucia is an English teaching workcamp.The task of the volunteers will be help to co-create the workshops in English for local children and teenagers. Volunteers will be creating games, workshops and activities for the kids in English so they can practice and learn the language in an informal way instead of school teaching. Age of kids is 10-16 years old. There will be a local monitor who is responsible to propose and organize activities. Each day, approx. four to six hours workshop/activities will be given in the mornings. In first two days of the workcamp participants will spend time together to know the program and prepared and propose some owns workshops in relation with your capacity, interest or ability. We want that the volunteers can be involved and take part of the all project. If you like dance, you can propose teach a dance; if you practice handball, organize a competition, etc.

HOUSE OF SOLIDARITY 2023 15/07/ -23/07/2023  PECS, HUNGARY
Project code:  EGY-23-03

WORK :Work together with local kids with fewer opportunities to create and learn together about and from each other. The main activity will be holding creating workshops and doing renovation work in the local community centre. Volunteers will have a chance to understand the civil sector in Hungary and the social reality of people living in poverty, not only as spectators but as active participants working towards social change. The program will consist of team-building activities, creative and multicultural workshops delivered to and by the volunteers with local young people, interactive programs to get to know the area together and some renovation work on a community house. Campfire, common music and board games are indispensable to the program.

CAMP VILLAGE BERGHEIM 1 21/06 -15/07/2023, Bergheim, Germany
Project code: IBG 06

WORK : Come and volunteer in a summer village for different (age) groups Over 3 weeks of various activities await you while you assist in a summer camp for children and young people with or without mental disabilities near Cologne. Your job then will be to work together with the local team and provide different types of activities and workshops for the participants. The children should be able to try out different types of sport, creative (group) activities, do arts and crafting or simply chill or play games. In the first two weeks the program caters for children aged 7 to 12. In the next week the participants are children and young people with or without mental disabilities. The young people might be older (up to 18), but the developmental age is up to 12. For this week the team is also supported by professionals from an NGO working with people with disabilities and integration assistants.

BIG BANG PAELLA, 01/07-15/07/2023, LA POBLA LLARGA, Spain

Project code: ESDA-3123
WORK :Volunteers will help to co-create the workshops in English for local children and teenagers. Activating kids and teenagers, providing a cross-cultural learning experience for them as well as English language environment. It will be done through games, workshops, sports activities, excursions, discussions, etc. The age of kids is 10-16 y/o. There will be a local monitor who is responsible to propose and organize activities. Each day, approx. four to six hours workshop/activities will be given in the mornings. We want that the volunteers can be involved and take part in the all project. If you like dancing, you can propose to teach a dance; if you practice handball, organize a competition.