Ajankohtaisia vapaaehtoisleirejä Euroopassa ja Euroopan ulkopuolella


Kansainvälisiä vapaaehtoisleirejä järjestetään sekä Euroopassa että Euroopan ulkopuolella ja ne ovat omakustanteisia. Leirimaksu on yleensä 150€, joka sisältää majoituksen ja ruokailun leirin ajaksi. Lennot osallistuja maksaa itse. 

Jos olet kiinnostunut hakemaan esimerkiksi alla oleviin leireihin, hae mukaan E-vet hakukoneen kautta! Hakuohjeet löytyvät täältä. Voit myös selata E-vetin kautta muita itsellesi kiinnostavia leirejä.  

Czech republic, Ghosts of the Ore Mountains, 28.6. - 4.7.2024

Project code: SDA100

Volunteers will work in the small town of Hroznetin, at the foot of the picturesque Ore Mountains to support and preserve the region. The work will be mainly manual and outdoors in all kinds of weather. It consists of grass cutting, raking, removal of trees, restoration of abandoned grave sites, and sweeping of roads. Planting of fruit avenues - digging holes, tree handling, planting, watering. 

Portugal, EKOA It takes a forest to raise a child II, 27.7. - 7.8.2024

Project code: Pt-BR-01-24

EKOA It takes a forest to raise a child II (27.7. - 7.8.2024): Volunteer will work in the 7pétalas Conviviality Centre in Fornelos, Fafe. The volunteer's tasks include building an organic, educational, and community vegetable garden, supporting recreational and educational activities, and revitalizing spaces for leisure and nature exploration.

Portugal, AVANCA 2024, 19.7. - 30.7.2024

Project code: PT-AV-04-24

Avanca is an annual film festival. Since 1997, it has drawn professionals, students, and cinema enthusiasts worldwide to participate and celebrate the art of film and multimedia. Your job as volunteer is to assist the festival from the preparation to its execution, ensuring smooth operations and a memorable experience for all attendees.

Germany, Working in the castle forest directly at the beautiful Baltic Sea beach, 25.5. - 28.6.2024

Project code: ijgd 14023

At the Noer Castle, situated just 1 km away, your primary task will be to ensure the safety of the vast forest surrounding the castle by clearing branches and undergrowth obstructing traffic. Additionally, one day per week will be dedicated to various gardening and manual tasks. Amidst the forestry work, you'll have ample opportunities for relaxation in the serene surroundings. Accompanying you will be 11 other young individuals from diverse backgrounds, all residing at the picturesque Noer youth campsite, conveniently located along the pristine Baltic Sea coastline.

England, Buddhafield Festival 2024, 9. - 25.7.2024

Project code: VAP UK-02

Buddhafield is an English Buddhist collective that is part of the international Buddhist movement, the Triratna Buddhist Community. The Festival is held over five days, on a beautiful site in the Blackdown Hills, in Somerset, England. The event brings together around three thousand people for a sharing and celebration of alternative social, cultural, political and spiritual values. You job as volunteer is to help organising the festivals such as setting up the infrastructure, welcoming the guests, working in the cafe, or decorating, etc.

Check our this link to learn more about the festival.

France, Organising an ecological festival, 29.6 - 13.7.2024

Project code: SJ15

You will take part in organizing and planning a festival. Volunteers in this workcamp play a key role in the village's progress by constructing a new yurt and contributing to the third annual Virvolt Festival. They will build furniture, create eco-friendly decorations, and assist in constructing a wooden stage for theater and music performances.

France, Pyrenees mountain heritage, 7.6. - 28.6.2024

Project code: CONCF-3101

Concordia is looking for volunteers to join their renovation project in Luz-Saint-Sauveur. Your job will consist of the requalification of an old amphitheater nearby the post office. In addition, you will learn the art of masonry and revegetation techniques, to enhance the space and make it accessible for everyone. 

Latvia, Graffiti festival in Svitene Manor Park, 28.4. - 7.5.2024

Project code: YS-2024-02

Volunteers will participate in 3-day Graffiti festival in Svitene. They will take part in various task such as cleaning the  park, setting up tents, assisting with the festival setup and ongoing needs, cooking and serving campfire soup for participants, participating in graffiti and discussion workshops, emphasizing the theme of diversity, etc.

India, Tibetan culture and digital literacy, 17. - 30.6.2024

Project code: FSL-WC-231

The workcamp will take place in Dharamshala, the second (winter) capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is also the abode of the Tibetan spiritual leader, the 14th Dalai Lama, and the capital of the Tibetan government-in-exile. This work camp will focus on community service, learning, cultural immersion, and evaluation.As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include engaging with the local community, providing English and digital education to children, and participating in various intercultural activities. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to join yoga classes led by professional instructors.

Belgium, Special Olympics Belgium, 3.5- 15.5.2024

Project code: JAVVA24-01

Special Olympics Belgium is an event that hosts the National Games, featuring 20 sport disciplines for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Your tasks as volunteers are to help on several aspects of the event logistics such as assembling and dismantling of structures, building and putting up the decorations, transport and unloading of material, waste management.

Italy, "Agape 1", 6. - 20.6.2024

Project code: LUNAR05

Agape International Ecumenical Centre is an important point of reference in Italian Protestantism. For 70 years, it serves as a place of education and development, theological exploration, political engagement, acceptance and validation of differences. A resident group still lives at Agape throughout the year. As a volunteer, you will be asked to work with the Resident Group. Every Resident has a sector for which they are responsible (kitchen, cleaning, bar, maintenance,... and so on), in which you will help them, and each of the Residents will be there to help you and support you.

Italy, "Cleaning the coast of Giglio", 13.5. - 26.5.2024

Project code: LUNAR03

Volunteers will help cleaning the Mediterranean coast of the beautiful island of Giglio. Volunteers will be asked to collect wastes along the coastline of the island during the project. The volunteers, together with local groups, will carry out various activities: cleaning the beaches, collecting plastic material (bottles, polystyrene boxes, corks, abandoned fishing tools) for disposal. Due to the nature of the work, we recommend that you know how to swim and not get seasick. Some activities will be by boat.

Italy, "The school in the wood", 4.5. - 18.5.2024

Project code: LUNAR02
Volunteers will be participating in an experimental educational initiative called "The School in the Rabbits' Wood," which is part of the Anzio IV School Institute. They will engage in various activities within different childcare facilities such as the sandblaster, shelter, veranda, as well as participate in the maintenance and restoration of the area. Their tasks will vary depending on their skills, which may include music, dance, sports, singing, games, etc., and they will work alongside students. Additionally, volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with middle and high school students (aged 11-17) to discuss the objectives of international exchanges.

Italy, " A’Naca", 20.5. - 30.5.2024 

Project code: IG24-W02

This project is taking place in the Agri-camping "A'Naca" located in a rural mountain area of Sicily. Volunteers can learn about regenerative agriculture and sustainability by being involved in small agricultural works like gardening, cooking, picking and processing fruit,etc. Accommodation in tents, compost toilet and solar shower. This project is suitable for volunteers with an interest in agriculture and permaculture, who enjoy the countryside and hiking.

Italy, "Tempo nel Bosco", 8.4. - 2.5.2024

Project code: IG24-W01

The project is taking place in Genoa, Italy in the heart of a forest. Volunteers will be involved in cleaning up the forest and also building a wooden stage and restoring stone road and other tasks. Accommodation in tents in the forest. Important: The project is suitable for volunteers who enjoy camping and are able to adapt to spring camping conditions, where water for washing is heated by the sun.

The US, "Wake up the earth festival", 18.4. - 8.5.2024

Project code: VFP-STV08

Spontaneous Celebrations is a festival and community arts center in Boston, Massachusetts and they are looking for volunteers to help them with organising and supporting the Wake up the earth festival - the biggest festival . Volunteers will assist in organizing, publicizing, and engaging the community in the event. Tasks include preparing signs, costumes, decorations, and facilitating children's activities and workshops. Enthusiastic individuals with a passion for art, community events, and interacting with children are encouraged to join. Experience with children is a plus.

France, "Access path to Sainte-Barbe Chapel",  23.6. - 6.7.2024

Project code: SJ08

Neige & Merveilles association welcomes you in the heart of the Mercantour National Park, at an altitude of 1500 meters, to work on the development project of the Vallauria Mine. You will discover an exceptional geological heritage and participate in a human and collective adventure that has been going on for over 60 years. Your work involves facilitating access to the Sainte-Barbe Chapel by recreating a pedestrian access path and arranging the surrounding spaces. This includes cleaning the areas (mowing, cutting, clearing), envisioning the future route for visitors and drawing it, and finally securing the location by creating a wooden safety barrier.

Project description:

Nepal, "Painting and gardening", Okhaldhunga, 12.-24.02. 2024

Project code: VINWC24-03

NaraTika Community Learning Center (NT-CLC) aims to sustain holistic community empowerment programs in Okhaldhunga. The volunteers will paint and decorate the fence, walls etc. Organize activities in CLC and outside for its promotion, help, and support in CLC and to the farmers in vegetable farming through permaculture techniques and gardening.

Find more info here.

Nepal, "Personality Development for Children",  Kathmandu 12.-23. 02. 2024

Project code: VINWC24-04

Schools in Nepal are not focused on exploring the hidden talents of children and developing them for the future. Children have less opportunities for those. This project aims to dig out the hidden talents and develop different skills so that children can perform better in the future. The volunteers will prepare and conduct the research to dig out children's hidden talents and interest. Organize sessions of different life skills like communication, public speaking, leadership and so on. Prepare and implement different sessions like- arts, sports, language to improve children's ability.

Learn more here. 

Germany, "Peatland protection Kell", 21.4. - 4.5.2024

Project code: IBG 02

You will actively contribute to protecting a special peatland called “Weyrichsbruch”. This area was drained more than 150 years ago for forestry use. Peatlands are a valuable and natural Co2 storage as well as an ecological habitat with a high and very specialized biodiversity. For these reasons, in the 1980s it was decided to revitalize a small part of the Weyrichsbruch. Now the regional authorities for nature protection want to revitalise a much bigger part and this is where you can help! 

Under the supervision of two experienced Park Rangers you will improve the water balance in this peatland in order to renature the bog, and help it to cope better with the consequences of climate change. Some of your tasks will be to undo the drainage of the area by blocking or filling ditches, or by building small wooden barriers.

Project description

United Kingdom, "Elderflower Fields Festival" 22.05.2024 - 29.05.2024

Project code: CONCUKSTV01-24

Elderflower Fields is looking for 8 volunteers to join their team for the upcoming festival. Elderlyflower is an independent festival that was designed especially for those with young children as an opportunity for little festival first timers to dip their ts into a magical world of music, fun and nature. Families return year after year for a weekend filled with new experiences, exploration and celebration. Elderflower Fields is an independent festival, created by So Sussex and put together by a small but hardworking time to create a magical experience for their audience. The rest of the festival is made up of friends, family and amazing volunteers

Volunteers will be part of the field team - the eyes and the ears of the festival. Volunteers will look after a specific area of the event and act as contact point for the guests.

Project description

France, "Rebuilding and Planting" 15.05.2024-05.06.2024

Project code: SJ02

The program will take place in the town of St Amand de Coly - located in the heart of
the Périgord Noir, a territory rich in history! Composed of two former municipalities that decided to join
forces to form one. The town is home to the Ecocycle association, a third place that is developing a
participatory activity project in Saint Amand de Coly and the surrounding area. These activities are
strongly influenced by concerns about climate change. You will help the association and its volunteers
to prepare the building to welcome its members. You'll discover the local people's sense of welcome
and the charm of the countryside and heritage, as you work with the other volunteers to organise your
programme of activities.

On the programme, you'll be repainting the interiors of this recently renovated building and helping to make it a warm and welcoming place. You'll also be lending a hand with the overall project for this third place Ecocycle, a collective space for sharing, through its shared gardens and participatory workshops.

France, "The Fortress of Fouras", 22/05-06/06 or 11/06-02/07

Project code: SJ03 (22/05-06/06)

Project code: SJ06 (11/06-02/07)

In an idyllic setting overlooking Fort Boyard, the workcamp will involve restoring the redoubt as
well as intercultural sharing between locals and volunteers in peacebuilding. Located at the mouth of
the Charente, the Fouras peninsula is home to 3 harbours and 5 beaches on the Atlantic coast. The
municipality of Fouras-les-Bains and the Maison des Bateleurs - Solidarités Jeunesses association have
decided to renew their partnership in order to continue the restoration work on the Aiguille redoubt
(fortress), said to be the largest in France.

For 8 mornings of 6 hours each, you will be working on the restoration of a new part of the north
facade of the redoubt, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Your job will be to remove the vegetation from the
facade and the coping, before removing the pointing and repointing with lime mortar. Other traditional
masonry work is planned, such as repairing the stone coping and stone cutting. You will also be taking
part in workshops to raise awareness of interculturality and sustainable development.

France, "The Hermione Odyssey", 28.05.2024-11.06.2024

Project code: SJ04

Under the guidance of an experienced bosun, you will take part in the minor maintenance of the
frigate. Your mission will be to take care of every detail, from painting to woodwork to maintenance.
Every brushstroke you make will be a testament to your dedication to maritime history. Get ready to sail
into the past while helping to shape the Hermione's future.

France, "Free Music Festival" 07.06.2024-26.06.2024

Project code: SJ05

Join the adventure of the International Workcamp at the 24th Free Music Festival in Montendre! You will collaborate with the organization's volunteers in the preparation and setup of the festival (site barricading, parking, etc.) Your tasks will involve organizing the park to make it attractive for the public and assisting volunteers in the logistical management of the event. After the festival, you will help clean and tidy up the site in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Additionally, you will participate in activities promoting interculturality and sustainable development.